For the 50th anniversary of Title IX, we hope you'll check out this book about the law. It's certainly an important one! I am honored to work with Helaine Becker and Christy Ottaviano again on this project (our Counting on Katherine team).

Helaine Becker's An Equal Shot is a nonfiction picture book introduction to the history and importance of Title IX as civil rights legislature, featuring illustrations by Dow Phumiruk.

You’ve likely heard of the law Title IX. It protects the equal rights of students, athletes, and professionals in America regardless of gender. But do you know about the women who fought to enact this new law?

Here is the rousing account of how Title IX was shaped at the hands of brave politicians who took risks to secure women’s dreams and their futures under the Constitution. Told in simple, commanding prose, An Equal Shot celebrates the power of words to defend and unite vulnerable people.

From Christy Ottaviano Books

Purchase and take a sneak peak of some interior spreads here.
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